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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Photographers.... are you looking for the perfect actions?

Visit my fellow photogs blog at www.lifeartdesigns.blogspot.com

This will be the last color action set you ever need! Extremely tweakable, versatile, consistent & natural...you will be able to use these actions on every image! You can add a little or a lot...it is your choice and is so simple!

Price: $99

What is included:
Complete Color Workflow (includes 9 color actions of varying intensity, including actions that will run you through great color, black & white & vintage, as well as 10 workflow color extras)

Color Workflow Tweaks (includes loads of extras, 26 in fact!, to help adjust your color to perfection, vignettes, exposure, retouching, websize, sharpen & more!)

Batching Actions! (finally...the answer to the busy photographer's workflow! The same trusty color actions set up in a friendly batching form, 12 batch actions total!)

Full Tutorial (coming soon!!! will walk you through how I process and batch using these actions...already within the actions are many tips and instructions for easy use)

Requirements & Restrictions:

  • CS2 & higher and an understanding of layer masks
  • Due to the nature of these actions, they are not available for purchase within the state of WI & northern IL...thank you for understanding!
  • If you have questions regarding the actions or want to see what your images looks like with these actions, please contact me, as no refunds or credits will be given due to the nature of this product
  • Actions will be emailed within 48 hours
  • Actions may not be shared, sold or redistributed in any manner...violators will be prosecuted
  • Note: These actions work best on properly exposed images...they will not fix a bad image, but will make a good image better!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Thank you Tatum!

My friend Tatum sent me this headband for S..... isnt it the cutest?? I just love it and was glad that miss S sat still for 4 seconds for me!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

stop growing already!!!

cute cute...

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Let it snow.....

We FINALLY got snow................... brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr its cold outside..... just finishing up my Christmas orders and then maybe I will get a shot for my Christmas card~