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Monday, February 16, 2009

tearing down the walls.........

yep... it all started with a cabinet that was leaning a bit...... you see our house is about 150 years old..everything leans.. nothing is straight... the walls are old adobe brick.. the doors have transoms... i adore it in all is odd wonder. Sometimes I wish it wasnt here in Metropolis... ok most of the time I wish that, but I love it nonetheless.

So... J took down the two cabinets above the stove and I figured if he was going to take those out he might as well take the two next to the stove out...... and then it was the wall.. and the other wall and then the ceiling above it.... then the cabinets above the sink and then all the walls in the kitchen... all 7 layers.... paint, paneling, wallpaper, wallpaper that looked like paneling (huh what) and more paint... then adobe brick...... lets just say.... its quite a mess. Quite a mess is really an understatement.

He looks so happy right?


Did I mention a mess?


I did find this that I loved and J hated.......

In the midst of it all... Austyn was busy dressing herself... who needs pants when you are this cute?


McCall was busy showing me where his teeth will go if he ever gets any :)

Savanah was helping out.......

The big kids were no where to be found...........smart kids!!!!

We are making progress...... I wore the baby on my back most of the weekend while we took down the old roofing tiles..... it was quite a site... I will spare you that photo :)


We did manage to get the new sheetrock up on the ceiling and hopefully the cabinet man will be here tomorrow to give us an estimate...................my o my what a mess we created... it is interesting to live in it all.

life is funny like that.....layers......and layers and layers......... and lots of hard work to get thru them. I look forward to this project when it is done.......... I look forward to moving ahead.... to the clean slate.. or the clean kitchen... whichever might come first.


Cindy said...

Tell me what you want! The other person never came forward for their 50,000th with and I liked you best out of all the posters. I'm jealous of your house. I want an old house to rebuild.

Shannon said...

WoW that is quite the project. Wishing you the best of luck.


Anonymous said...

Well Kell, you guys sure took on a hugh job but will be worth it when you are finished. Would like to be close enough to help with the little ones while you and J do the heavy work. Will call later and say happy B.D. to J. Love you all, Me

Anonymous said...

Watch out for lead-based paint! (Had to throw that in - I live in an old house and it's FULL of it.)

Best of luck with the remodel!

Sharna Wilkerson said...

Wow, glad you gave us some images to look at. This is crazy!!!! Wishing you well. Can't wait to see the "after" or at least in the meantime hte "progress" shots too! Like you don't have enough to do. Happy DYI!

Ruth and Kyle Emmett said...

Hi Kelly! That looks like a big project, we are currently working on our house we just bought. Sometimes, it's a pain, but fun when it's all done!:) By the way, I love your blog and all of your photos...they are BEAUTIFUL.

I've had this crazy idea lately to learn how to edit photos and maybe taking a class or something. Maybe next time we are in Filmore you can give me some pointers??