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"The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one." - Elbert Hubbard


Sunday, March 29, 2009

I love you but............

Jerid took the kids this Saturday morning so I could sleep... after a night of restless toddlers I needed it. We worked on the yard the rest of the day and made some good progress.... I am getting sooooooooo ready for spring!!!!! I am ready to garden I am ready for green grass... I am ready for warm nights.
Our kitchen is making progress..........slow albeit........but progress.......
I finally found my Metropolis sign...............teehee
We went to donkey basketball this weekend..........McCall was in his true drooling/teething form..........
Austyn keeps asking why he is spitting .........its pretty funny.
One of me and my love...........my how he melts my heart. Even when I am mad at him he still seems to make me smile :)
and the little mister love......
When Jerid took the kids for a drive Saturday morning he took them out by Sand Mountain........a place where people take their four wheelers and dirt bikes......I guess there was a big climb that he drove up to and Makenna was begging him to go up it. When he finally gave in and said ok Bee............lets go she said ok dad............I have two things to say first........
I love you
sometimes I use your toothbrush.

When he told me the story I nearly died. Here she thought they were going to do something dangerous.......something that may end their lives :) and that was her parting words....
I love you and sometimes I use your toothbrush............

gosh I love her...

on that note......she wrote a poem for school this week about where she was from. I am so amazed and so in awe of her talent... she is amazing that girl....

where I'm from
I am from camomile and cloth diapers.
I'm from the late 90's
from friendship chains and friends.
I'm from chaos and confusion and the promise.

I am from horses,
from riding horses to getting thrown off.
I am from hay from my head to my toes
and long rides with my dad.

I am from Kelly and Jerid,
and Steve and Debbie.
I am from basketball with grandpa (bapa),
and from helping him get olives.

I am from popcorn until my belly hurts.
from moms homemade pork-chops,
mashed potatoes and gravy.
I am from noodles of every shape and size.

I am from excursions to an
old ford, and a rusty Chevy
my mom learned to drive in.
I am from dirt roads and one stop
light towns.

I am from daffodils and sage brush,
and sunsets that never end.
from roses six generations deep,
and a land that knows my name.

I'm from lime green and hot pink
from blue and from brown.
from the colors of the rainbow.

I'm from liking to be the oldest to not,
from never being alone.
I'm from crying and streaking babies and
from Dora and Diego on the T.V. all the time.

I am from sharing a room with
my brother Mason and fighting over
who gets what part of the room.
I'm also from bunk beds.

I am from swimming
from sun up to sun down.
Water chasing memories...

I am from the nicknames
Sunny Bunny, Honey Bunny
Bee, Beetle, and Bee Bop.

I'm from bike rides to
Camp Richardson, and
running from geese on the beach.
from fire works over the freezing lake.

I am from moving and becoming more...
from fresh paint and a new address and
I'm from a new way, a new thinking, a new reality...
i am from change.

I am from freckles, and
dimples, and hair of blonde.

That is what I'm from

I couldn't love her more!!!!!!!!

Im off to bed... but if you live in Holden and you are missing a sweet sweet little black male dog he is at our house.......and if you dont come for him soon my kids just may fall in love. (ok me too)

On to another week... packed full of kids and excitement I am sure....
I love you..........and sometimes I use your toothbrush...........

what would you say in that moment? What would your last words be?

think about it :)


Jodi said...

Her poem made my heart melt. You have one special little lady in your life.

Also, the picture of Mister McCall looking like a deer caught in headlights - priceless. He is too cute.

Darla said...

I hope you know she got her talent for words from you!

Jenna said...

What a talented, beautiful girl. Both must be in the genes. You look so pretty in your pics and she looks just like you.

Alinta said...

THat poem is just incredible. It moved me so much. How amazing. You and her both have very similar ways of writing, so engaging, raw and beautiful. xox